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6'er form Ohio

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Hey hows it going everyone. I have had my 6 for over a year now and have been working on making it look good, thought i would join this foum for some fresh ideas. By the way can anyone help out on how to post some pics of my ride? Thxs
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Welcome!! the easiest way is download them to photobucket then you can post em here.
heya Matt!! Welcome
hey wats up Matt, im in same boat as u from OH had my G6 for little ovr a yr now and lookn for some ideas. Im in process of gettn new tires and not sure wat to get i need all season performance tires just wanderin wat urs had mine came with hancook and not very impressed
aawww finally understand photo bucket!

I'm from the canton area. And i have BF Goodrich Gforces wraped on my silver Drift rims, they grip really good in all weather conditions but I keep my stocks rims and tires on in the winter. I some other stuff done...
-Magnaflow cat-back
-tinted tail-lights, tinted windows
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Hey Matt, welcome to the site! That is a nice G6 you've got, and I like what you have done with it! Live far from the Football Hall of Fame? It has been awhile since I have visited that area, but hope to get over the the Hall this summer. I live about a half hour from Youngstown across the boarder into PA.
Nice looks good i have the same exhaust and im diggin those rims!!!
Hey thanks, I just put on the exhaust not to long ago and i got the rims last year. Im kinda around the hall of fame area. Yeah im still looking for something to do to the front of the 6 so it dosnt look stock, i like what i have seen on some of the other members grill inserts. Any ideas how abouts doing that?
that is a good lookin backside. Like those rims too.
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