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Well this is my first post here. I own a 99 Saturn SC1, my fiancee (Nicole) owns an 05 G6 V6.

We have a few issues. First, she bought her car right off the dealer floor with less than 100 miles, now it has over 11,000 (one year ago she bought it).

First problem. Recall for harmonic balancer (I think that's what the notice was for, will have to check). Were there many with this problem and what did they do, just tighten it to spec?

Second. She sometimes turns the car off and the key doesn't want to come out. It's in the off position, but something is holding the key in there. Any ideas? Anyone have the same problem?

Third. DIC...I read a little bit about a kit by Metra...does it allow aftermarket decks to work with the DIC?

Fourth. Does everyone with panoramic roof have a problem with wind noise when it's shut and the shade is closed on the inside? It seems as though hers is really loud and to compensate the radio must be louder.

Fifth. The power window mechanism on the passenger side sometimes sticks or something because when she goes to roll the window up after I've rolled it down, the driver side controls won't work for it...I have to pull the pass. side control up a little to unstick it.

I do apologize for not using the search function, that's what it's for, but I am in a hurry to get answers for her and don't want to take much time if possible. We're going for an oil change to the dealership (which is almost 20 miles away...out of our way for everything) and we'll bring these things up to them, but I was hoping to get some info for her before we go.

If you could either list responses or links to the threads where the responses are or even a few keywords that will help me find the right threads that would be great.

Thank you very much.

BTW...G6 GTP coupe is damn nice, I was looking at them, unfortunately they won't be practical because we want to have children soon. I will wait until Saturn's Aura comes out (250hp 3.6L Cadillac engine with a slightly larger car and 6 speed auto)...definitely will be more money, but with 19" chrome wheels and a few other luxury items, Saturn is in the right direction now (I own 2 other Saturns and am loyal to them).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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