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MN05G6V6 said:
Recall for harmonic balancer .... Were there many with this problem and what did they do, just tighten it to spec?
Yes, and not just the G6. Yes just retorquing. I hope she already had this done to her vehicle.

MN05G6V6 said:
She sometimes turns the car off and the key doesn't want to come out. It's in the off position, but something is holding the key in there.
Make sure shifter all the way in Park. There is an interlock cable between ignition switch and shifter that may need adjustment

MN05G6V6 said:
Does everyone with panoramic roof have a problem with wind noise when it's shut and the shade is closed on the inside?
There is TSB #05-08-67-014 which covers several complaints on Panoramic roof noise. Two of them are for wind noise.

MN05G6V6 said:
The power window mechanism on the passenger side sometimes sticks or something because when she goes to roll the window up after I've rolled it down, the driver side controls won't work for it...I have to pull the pass. side control up a little to unstick it.
You have found issue. Have dealer look at the passenger window switch. It likely needs to be reseated into trim bezel or replaced because it is getting hung up and not returning to "rest" position after you use the switch.
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