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A Newb

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This is Angela from Austin, a newbie in this forum saying Hi to everyone. I am working on Majormats which produce logo mats for cars as well as industrial mats.
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Welcome to the club!
welcome to the site if you ever wanna sell some mats with a custom 6 logo i'll be a happy buyer!
In that case you can take a look at Majormats
Welcome Angela, if you want to advertise here you can contact the adminastration.
Careful about advertising - I had my signature pulled b/c I had a link in it.
Dave...your still advertising...FOR PONTIAC!! lol

Angela...Im in San Antonio. Tell us about your G6.
or are you just pitching mats?
Hey G6 lovers
Just joined the forum. So wanted to say hi to everyone...
So guys whats up;)
oh noes..its raining Angelas!! lol
Hello Angela, welcome to the G6 Owners Club. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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