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A place to start with replacing stereo in '07 G6

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So I'm loving my 07 SE.

Factory deck is base , no mp3, no XM, no 6 cd changer.
The sound is very impressive for a factory.

I took advantage of my extended warranty plan with GM and had the back speakers replaced *cough*made a funny sound*cough* need to be replaced *ahem*
So that's done, sounds great.

Thing is, no mp3 capability is killing me. Xm and 6 cd changer I can live without but I really like the info center stuff for mileage, temp and oil & trip stuff etc.

I've seen multiple posts that some say you CAN upgrade, some say not 100%.

What are the options available to me? I imagine if an upgrade is possible from GM that it might cost an arm and a leg right?

I also saw a post or two that mention installing an input for an ipod or mp3 player? What's the success rate on that? Feasibility / cost?

Sorry for all the n00b questions right off the hop, just wanna get my baby sounding the way I want it too :)

Thanks for any info or help!!
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Oh wicked, that'll work. I have a friend at the GM dealership I bought the car from so even if I can't snag an 08 stereo from him, I can at least have his guys in the back install it if I can grab one online or from a wrecker or something.

Oh, one more question, do any of the '08 decks support mp3 already? or are they just standard decks?
So I finally got an 08 with the aux input into the 07 G6 :) w00t!

Question re: the aux cable to use for the ipod to the stereo.

I bought a 3.5 double male cable and the plug won't insert all the way into the stereo , IE: won't click in.
Did I just buy one with too fat a head? (wow this all could turn into a Freudian discussion huh?)

Anyways, are there different kinds? The Aux input is fairly recessed in the head unit. I'll head back to the store tomorrow to check for another one.

Anybody have a specific brand or model that's proven? Didn't think this would be an issue to be honest...
K thanks, will head back to the electronics store today. The plastic head on the jack is just a little too big I guess.

Do these stereos come with a manual as well, or would that be part of the 2008 G6 owners manual?
Do these stereos come with a manual as well, or would that be part of the 2008 G6 owners manual?
Disregard, found the site with manuals and the supplement for the 2008 g6
We're finally green light! Man, this took a long time but finally got it in there, and got the bigger display and a few extra audio options as well, like the msgs and ptype stuff, auto tune and auto tone.
Got the Xmas iPod in there and the G6 is golden!
The 08's and after have the onstar functionality and there's a little extra stuff to do (or not do) when putting them into the 07's that don't have it.
The one I got added the extra functionality of the auto tone and auto volume stuff, and extra line of text and the messaging systems for the radio stations and an extra row of function buttons on the bottom as well.

And of course my glorious Aux input :)
so the 2008 stereo will not play mp3 cds?
That's my understanding. I believe the 2009 or 2009.5 have the mp3 capable stereos, but the 07s and 08s didn't but had the multi disc changers and / or XM capabilities and of course the aux input on the front;)
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