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A place to start with replacing stereo in '07 G6

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So I'm loving my 07 SE.

Factory deck is base , no mp3, no XM, no 6 cd changer.
The sound is very impressive for a factory.

I took advantage of my extended warranty plan with GM and had the back speakers replaced *cough*made a funny sound*cough* need to be replaced *ahem*
So that's done, sounds great.

Thing is, no mp3 capability is killing me. Xm and 6 cd changer I can live without but I really like the info center stuff for mileage, temp and oil & trip stuff etc.

I've seen multiple posts that some say you CAN upgrade, some say not 100%.

What are the options available to me? I imagine if an upgrade is possible from GM that it might cost an arm and a leg right?

I also saw a post or two that mention installing an input for an ipod or mp3 player? What's the success rate on that? Feasibility / cost?

Sorry for all the n00b questions right off the hop, just wanna get my baby sounding the way I want it too :)

Thanks for any info or help!!
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You can grab an 08 radio with the Aux and use your iPod with it.
All you need is access to a Tech2 to match it up to your car.

Dealerships can do this. I did it. I had XM already though (which is a seperate part in your trunk and the antenna...etc. So you wont have that without added parts.
My pleasure.... :beer:
no MP3...but the 2009.5 looks like it has it.
All mine work just fine. Snap in great.

Got a 6 footer from Target in the car. Thats kinda long but they dont make a 3 footer
that I saw.
I remember the day mine went in to. I was like -YEAH!!!!
Because they dont know any better. They are prolly use to trying to swap out the nav units in the SUV's which is a nightmare and doesnt work 1/2 the time.
The dealership that programmed mine said it wouldnt work and they were elated when I proved them wrong. Not elated enough to give me a discount for showing them how to upgrade 3 years of audio though. Bastards. lol
looks like it wont from what Ive read.
I just picked up a spare 08 radio for $100....

So figure about that and some tech2 time is all you would
need if you do the install yourself for a stock replacement
for the AUX. ;)
My car is a 2005. I have a 2008 radio installed in it and working like a champ.
Its not plug and play its plug and program....then play.

Every G6 radio is married to the car. Its an anti theft deal. You need the Stealership's Tech2 to program it to your car. The features you have is part of the programming.

Clear as mud?? lol
You gonna pay for shipping too?? :p

Only dealership's have tech2 and what your paying for is the Tech time.
Different dealershuips charge differently for this. Ive seen it run the gammit.
From free to $80. I paid $80 then found out another dealership wanted half that price. So shop around on the programming fee.

Just call the service dept and ask how much it would cost to reprogram a stock radio.

Im sure that Tech2 laptop costs about 5 grand so nooooo its not that big a pocketbook hit.
The function graphics is the Canadian Version. it has a few symbols instead of words.
That is the only difference.
Like a picture of a round faced clock instead of "CLOCK". An arrow instead of it saying "ENTER".
Im guessing due to English/french up there that they wanted to make it easier on the Canuckleheads. lol

Thats the diff.

Here is mine (no graphic symbols)

and here is one with graphic symbols:
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what is the funtion sybol graphic switch iam reading on gm parts direct
and maykevin is saying his 6 disk gtp stereo does play mp3 cds anyone else have the same?

Kevin is wrong.....sorry Kevin. Unless he has a 2009.5 with the black tie..?
Our radios will not play MP3. The 08+ Aux gets you by that though. :cool:

That radio in the picture was ordered and costs me ~$256.

here it is 1yr+ later and they can be found for cheaper.....but you must LOOK! :eek:
15848800 or 25890719? -gm $415.42 gmpartsdirect $216.02 Canadian 1 disk
15848801 -gm $618.14 gmpartsdirect $321.43 Monsoon XM 6 disk
15848802 -gm $616.87 gmpartsdirect $320.67 Canadian 6 disk
15848799 -gm $416.75 gmpartsdirect $216.70 Monsoon XM 1 disk

I bought ...799:





$ 264.37

But you can get them off eBay for like $100.

I elected not to get the 6 disk changer since thats what was messing up on mine and with the AUX I didnt need all the disks (less chance now of it breaking).
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Nope....only diff is the symbols:
Scroll down to the pix on this thread.....clicky here.

Monsoon or non monsoon is turned on/off during the programming.

You shouldnt have any issues. I say shouldnt!! Dont blame me if you do. lol
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