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A smart person is a person who is smart enough to ask a question when they don't know.

An idiot will assume that he is correct and not even think of asking a question.

you decide.
Ask question? = safely change brakes.

assume you are correct? = let the girlfriend figure out where the jack goes, when she is trying to get the car off of your face.

If you are using the manufacture supplied jack, I would for sure use the manual and put the jack where the book states. witch is on the sheet metal seam just behind the front tire for the front and in front of the rear tire for the rear.

If you have a hydraulic floor jack like geewhiz shows in the picture. You can put it anywhere that there is sufficient support to lift the car. IE. Frame rails or suspension component attachment points and so on. Keep in mind that the g6 is a uni-body and does not have a true frame per say. so stay away from flat sheet metal areas.

ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS! A standard floor jack does not have a positive locking mechanism. There for you are relying on the internal components of the jack to hold up the car. (could just be a .10$ "O" ring) Assume that the car will fall on you unless you have the jack stands under there too.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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