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assume you are correct? = let the girlfriend figure out where the jack goes, when she is trying to get the car off of your face.

ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS! A standard floor jack does not have a positive locking mechanism. There for you are relying on the internal components of the jack to hold up the car. (could just be a .10$ "O" ring) Assume that the car will fall on you unless you have the jack stands under there too.
+1. A friend was doing some brake or wheel (I for get which) in my driveway using only the tire changing jack. A few minutes into the task I hear a boom and feel my condo shake. Went outside and see a Mitsu Spyder hugging my driveway. No way to get my floor jack under the car (he didn't ask to use that... it was up to him to choose the right tools for the job!). To end this story, I made a lever out of a pair of 2x4s to lift up his car enough to get the wheel jack out from under it - then he asked to use the floor jack and jackstands. No serious damage to the car, small chip out of my driveway. Most importantly, no one died or was injured but it could easily have been different...

~ MattInSoCal
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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