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A Tune Up - *Oil/Filter Change, Fluid Flush, Transmission Filter, & Fuel Filter*

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Quick question...

I was wondering when I should do a tune up? I just hit 50,xxx and I'm wanting to keep my g6 STRONG and healthy! I was wondering if now would be a good time to flush all fluids, change the oil and filter, replace fuel filter, oil and clean K&N air intake filter, change spark plugs without the wires. Please let me know. I read somewhere that it should be done every 50,000 but is it worth it? Should I do it myself or take it to a dealer?

Lastly, what fluids are considered to be flushed? Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated!
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Change oil and filter if needed. Fuel filter doesn't need changed unless faulty. Transmission fluid should be changed, possibly flushed depending if it is bad. Tranny filter should be ok. Spark plugs at 100k miles, not 50k. Clean/replace the filter if you think it is dirty.

Other you forgot:
-Brake fluid
-Test battery

Look at your manual for specifics. I'm just giving you my advice.

If you do plan on having some of this done, don't go to a dealership for the sake of humanity. Doing it yourself is always an option as well.
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