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2009.5 Pontiac G6 Base Model
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Hello all,
So I was having an issue with my Ac in my 2009.5 G6 base model it would blow 16 degrees diffrence between the driver side and passenger side the driver side being the hot side i Google some ac info on gm cars i read that if the battery was changed and that if they didnt wait for the computer to reset before starting the car that it would cause the blend door actuators to stick and not rotate to the proper setting it said to unhook batt wait 15 minutes and hook back up then put key in ignition turn to on and make sure eveything is turned off wait 15 minutes more then start turn on ac and actuators should reset i did this and it started cooling better but not cold so i bought a can of r134 with the gauge on it i put some in and it got colder so i did more research and found out that the best way to charge is with a real set of Hvac gauges which i have so i ordered the quick connects on Amazon for $25 for the cars ac system the proper charge for over 80 degrees is 40 to 50 psi so i adjusted the pressure as it was 35 psi i charged to 45psi i now have 51 degrees blowing out all vents I had to share this so if any of you have this issue you can fix it and for basic knowledge

Thanks for reading
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