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adding amp and subs to 06 G6

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i have tried to read as many threads as i could lol...but the answers i am looking for werent very clear to me.....how would i go about adding a 2 channel rockford amp to power 2 10"subs?..i wanna keep the stock deck, but just add some bass......i have read about the remote wire hook up, just not quite sure about the inputs for the amp itself.....being RCA jacks on the amp, is there a way to add this to the monsoon system?....thanks for any and all help!:beer:
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Alright, I've put it all together and added a sub to my factory radio. This link shows you the pictures in steps. I've tied on to the car's power and high input to the amp. I've made a handy quick connect to take the sub out if needed. I added a capacitor to take the load off of the smaller power wire. sounds great. I've bridged the amp to put out about 200 watt. Remote wire is the small pink wire with the red wire tie to it. You can get the wiring diagram from crutchfields web site by searching for pontiac.
http://kevinandjamie.servegame.com/pictures/g6 audio/
ok sooooooo on the monsoon amp wiring diagram on crutchfield...the pink wire is the remote turn on? correct? so i could tie into that for the remote wire on my amp?
Yes, Look at my picture of the wires running to the amp. My remote wire is the top left small pink wire.

If you use the power wires in your trunk make sure you have a capacitor to take the load off of them. It was pretty easy, I had the wiring diagram for the speaker wires which helped out.
good point, but I was wondering if it were the radio that turned down the bass and not the amp... "Because the radio has the auto EQ and VOL level"
Warning!!! I've upgraded/ modded my system. My new setup was 4 guage from the battery to the amp 1 ported box with JL 12w3v3 and JL 500.1 amp I used the Hi-Low converter with built in remote amp turn on.
DO NOT USE the Hi-Low converter with remote turn on if your hooking to your 6x9 deck speakers!! The sub back feeds into the 6x9's after turning off the car causing the feedback to go through the Hi-Low converter back to the sub. This causes a endless loop of loud rumble. I then cut that wire and ran the remote to the factory amp remote wire. Dosn't happen to everyone, but I think I made granny wet herself.

PS. I think the re-Q is good, but I don't know how it will work on the monsoon system. Being that the output from the factory amp is split between Highs, Mids, Lows. Was wondering if you tied the re-Q to the Low wires from the factory amp if it would still work right. I say this because I thought the re-Q needs Highs, Mids, Lows all on the same wire... Example. If you turned up the volume, and the "lows" from that amp is limited on volume as you turned it up, would the re-Q think that the volume just isn't turned up?
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