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Alright, I've put it all together and added a sub to my factory radio. This link shows you the pictures in steps. I've tied on to the car's power and high input to the amp. I've made a handy quick connect to take the sub out if needed. I added a capacitor to take the load off of the smaller power wire. sounds great. I've bridged the amp to put out about 200 watt. Remote wire is the small pink wire with the red wire tie to it. You can get the wiring diagram from crutchfields web site by searching for pontiac.
http://www.kevinandjamie.net/pictures/g6 audio/
just wondering if your car has the same system and wiring with mine.. Is it really that easy?? just get some wiring done from the trunk? i'm buying a used sub, a used amp, and subbox.. what would I need after that? thanks in advance..
1 - 1 of 110 Posts
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