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adding amp and subs to 06 G6

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i have tried to read as many threads as i could lol...but the answers i am looking for werent very clear to me.....how would i go about adding a 2 channel rockford amp to power 2 10"subs?..i wanna keep the stock deck, but just add some bass......i have read about the remote wire hook up, just not quite sure about the inputs for the amp itself.....being RCA jacks on the amp, is there a way to add this to the monsoon system?....thanks for any and all help!:beer:
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A word of caution about the line level converters. The monsoon amp attenuates the bass to keep from blowing the speakers. When you have a converter on the 6x9's, it works, but as you turn the volume up, the amp turns the bass DOWN. If you have a remote bass knob, you can probably compensate, but I didn't have a knob, and could never adjust the amp gains to play hard at high volume OR they'd bass me out when it was turned down. Best way around this is to tap the Monsoon amp inputs, as this is pre-EQ. I picked up a Radio Shack RCA speaker cord and cut it in half.

Hope this helps!
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