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adding amp and subs to 06 G6

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i have tried to read as many threads as i could lol...but the answers i am looking for werent very clear to me.....how would i go about adding a 2 channel rockford amp to power 2 10"subs?..i wanna keep the stock deck, but just add some bass......i have read about the remote wire hook up, just not quite sure about the inputs for the amp itself.....being RCA jacks on the amp, is there a way to add this to the monsoon system?....thanks for any and all help!:beer:
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yea, thats all nice, but what i did which might be more complicated was i took the whole radio out, hooked it up that way and ran the thin like 16gauge(blue wire-to turn off and on with ignition) wire from my amp down to the fuse box on the passenger side and on the left you can pop out the panel on the floor and i just hooked it up to one of the fuses so when the cars on, the subs and amp stay on etc. I had the little RCA power inverter(see through green "Peripheral"- brand) hooked up behind the radio instead of back by the 6x9's. Thats just how i did it. My system pounds!!! New 7'' Power Acoustik Double Din installing soon!!!! :) Installed Now ( 2 12" Alpine Type S with a 600w Sony Explode.)
i use the fuse wiper sw its a 10 amp fuse close to the bottom of the fuse box(or floor board) i did this so i can still listen to the subs with the car off u can use the ignition fuse but they will only work when the key is in the one position anything else just hit me up
Yep, thats exactly how i did it and it works swell!
1 - 2 of 110 Posts
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