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adding amp and subs to 06 G6

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i have tried to read as many threads as i could lol...but the answers i am looking for werent very clear to me.....how would i go about adding a 2 channel rockford amp to power 2 10"subs?..i wanna keep the stock deck, but just add some bass......i have read about the remote wire hook up, just not quite sure about the inputs for the amp itself.....being RCA jacks on the amp, is there a way to add this to the monsoon system?....thanks for any and all help!:beer:
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like it has been said on here it's really simple to do i did it to mine before i upgraded the headunit. just go to any place that sells audio stuff or you can even go to wal-mart and pick up a converter which will splice into one of your 6x9's in the rear deck and it will take that signal and give you your rca cable connection for the amp. then all you have to do is run the amp wires (power, ground and remote) like you would for any hook up. i found that the fuse box under the hood was the best place to find a switched 12v for my amp and then just run it and your power wire through the firewall through the big rubber grommet where the wires go into the cab. like whiteg6 said the stock radio is going to play a big role on your system but i was still pleased with mine. i would also getting if you dont have one is an external bass controle knob so you can controle your bass on the subs from the drivers seat and can turn the bass down on your HU so you dont hurt your other speakers.
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