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Adding AUX and Upgrading Speakers

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Alright, just upgraded from my 01 grand am with some nice subs in it to a 07 G6 Sedan, it had the sun and sound package, which includes shit really. Looks like it has the UN6 radio, with no XM enabled. From what I am reading it sounds like adding any AUX connection is a real pain.
Ok so:
for AUX adapters, I'm assuming that the head unit has the port for satellite radio but just no tuner installed, so I'm assuming I would be able to use one of the adapters that plug into the port. Ive found 2 diff ones on ebay:


Or there is always the head unit option:
I found an 08 head unit on ebay also, I'm guessing this would work? but then I would have to have pontiac do the programming

Ok now for speakers, I want to upgrade the door speakers and the 6x9s.
I havnt found exact specs on either. Read like the door speakers might be 6.75" but that doesnt seem right.
I would really like to get some 6x9s with good bass since im so used to my subs.
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Go to http://www.axxessinterface.com/ And search for you vehicle type and under parts search for XIAH-GM2.. I beleive this is what you are looking for. I would recommend this.

It plugs right into you Satelite Radio plug and you jsut have to snake the cord out.
Your speakers should be 6.5" in the front and 6x9's in the back.

I would search around for some nice 6x9's.. I definetly recommend Kicker and Polk. They have never let me down. You can always go to the extreme and get the Alpine Component 6x9's but those are really costly.

I hope you didn't win that radio, because it won't work.

It's actually a 2009.5 radio. The listing is wrong.
have not done anything yet. as of now im basically thinking, alpine type-r for the 6.5 and 6x9, amp not decided yet but 100rms x 4 speakers 4 ohms, and head unit using the metra turbo2 kit and any head unit
I am in the midst of getting my new G6. I have the Eclipse AVN6620 with 2 Eclipse LCD headrest monitors. 2- 2008 Kicker L7's 08 Models with a Kicker 08zx1500.1 1500 RMS amp with a 40 Farad Capacitor with Kicker 0ga multi amp kit. With a DEI Python990 Alarm system with window mod box and back up battery and glass break sensor. I have all this crap sitting in my closet waiting to pick up my new G6 soon. Ugh. I got all this almost a year ago and its all in its brand new box. Unopened.

I plan on getting the Kicker 08zx8504 and geting the Kicker QS Series Component 6.5" and 6x9's. I haven't made it to door speaker and 4 channel yet but I was also looking at the Alpine SrtX-17Pros-- I beleive thats right? and don't kn ow which ones to go with. I installed two pair of the x-type componets into a Denali Yukon and it was sick crazy good a$$ sound.
I took out the factory 6 x 9 from the back and put in some new 6 x 9, 270w, 3 way, but now the front speakers out preform the back ??? do i need an amp ???
if i do need an amp, any old 50w or 100w should be fine right ???
Did you have Monsoon? Cause if you replaced one pair of factory Monsoon with any other brand. Your Monsoon will potentially outrun the aftermarket under the circumstances of facotry faceplate still.

I swear by Kicker. I will always recommend them. Kicker, Alpine, and Polk all have GREAT door speakers. Amplifieingthe speakers is always an option. What's the brand of the 6x9's you put in? and that wattage RMS of each speaker.. Cause btw, Peak power means hardly nothing to any speakers. It's all about RMS.
if i do need an amp, any old 50w or 100w should be fine right ???
Yeah or you could just adjust the fade, remember sound should come from the front not behind you.
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