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The factory deck in our GXP is loud, but that's about it. Time for a change. Gonna replace it with a slide-out navigation unit, new speakers and retain the DIC with a Metra adapter. I plan to do this myself. Done numerous units in the past, but I'm always leary of tearing into a new vehicle without knowing the little details I may run across. I don't want to break anything, set off airbags and whatnot. lol

1) Any potential issues with the new stuff I want to install? Proper fit? Proper sizes? etc, etc... List is down below.

2) Is there anything I'm missing here? Another harness perhaps?

3) Do I need additional items to retain the steering wheel controls?

4) Is that Dealer Cost Car Audio website from the links below a site anyone's used in the past? The prices sure are nice. If it's sketchy, please do recommend a better site for car audio. :)

5) Anyone have any luck modifying the DIC adapter kit screen to fit elsewhere in car? So as to accommodate a full size double-din in-dash nav unit and retain a clean look rather than the slide out screen I'll be using.

6) For the DIC retention, I noticed Metra has two different looking units with the same part#. Is one unit preferable (aesthetically, reliability) to the other? These 2:

Clarion NZ409 DVD Navigation unit $499
Boston Acoustics SL65 6.5" 2-ways $149
Boston Acoustics Neo Type M2 1' tweeters $170
Boston Acoustics SR95 6x9" 2-ways $179
Metra 99-3303 Dash adapter kit (w/ DIC) $139

Thanks for any assistance. Plan to do this in a few weeks. :cool:

The slide-out Clarion I'm going to install:

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I'm not a huge fan of Clarion but thats just me, i went with Pioneer.

As for the kits, i know the one on the right fits, havent seen the left one before but it doesnt look any different to me.

go Here for audio fittings. I use that site all the time, it has every car and will tell you everything you need to know about it. It will also package everything you need and make great prices, all with manufacture warranties and lifetime support.

And if you want to order stuff off that site let me know and ill send you a referral code that will get you 20$ off your order.
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