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The factory deck in our GXP is loud, but that's about it. Time for a change. Gonna replace it with a slide-out navigation unit, new speakers and retain the DIC with a Metra adapter. I plan to do this myself. Done numerous units in the past, but I'm always leary of tearing into a new vehicle without knowing the little details I may run across. I don't want to break anything, set off airbags and whatnot. lol

1) Any potential issues with the new stuff I want to install? Proper fit? Proper sizes? etc, etc... List is down below.

2) Is there anything I'm missing here? Another harness perhaps?

3) Do I need additional items to retain the steering wheel controls?

4) Is that Dealer Cost Car Audio website from the links below a site anyone's used in the past? The prices sure are nice. If it's sketchy, please do recommend a better site for car audio. :)

5) Anyone have any luck modifying the DIC adapter kit screen to fit elsewhere in car? So as to accommodate a full size double-din in-dash nav unit and retain a clean look rather than the slide out screen I'll be using.

6) For the DIC retention, I noticed Metra has two different looking units with the same part#. Is one unit preferable (aesthetically, reliability) to the other? These 2:

Clarion NZ409 DVD Navigation unit $499
Boston Acoustics SL65 6.5" 2-ways $149
Boston Acoustics Neo Type M2 1' tweeters $170
Boston Acoustics SR95 6x9" 2-ways $179
Metra 99-3303 Dash adapter kit (w/ DIC) $139

Thanks for any assistance. Plan to do this in a few weeks. :cool:

The slide-out Clarion I'm going to install:
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