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I spent many months researching about adding cruise control and radio controls to the steering wheel of my base model 2009.5 G6. I found a lot of helpful threads for the earlier year models, however I wasn't quite sure about the part numbers after they updated the radio. I decided to post the information here for those that were interested in the upgrade. I ended up buying a steering wheel off ebay for testing. Going this route you can do this upgrade for about $70. You will need a steering wheel with the info (DIC) buttons and the radio buttons with the mouth and phone on it. The good news is that after plugging everything in it worked perfectly and no programming by the dealership was needed. It even accessed the onstar module for making phone calls and such. I ordered the bluetooth version of the onstar module off ebay as well and will post how that integrates later. For those that want part numbers, here you go.

Cruise Switch: 15943492
Radio Switch: 25864457
LH Bezel: 28045109
RH Bezel: 28045111
Harness: 34039634B or 16911002
(The first harness number came out of a Malibu and worked perfect. The second came out of a g6 and had a Precision Harness Inc tag on it with that number.)

Oddly enough the bezels and harness don't pop up on gmpartsdirect, but that is what was on the stickers (my old ones didn't pop up on it either). The switches and harness from a Malibu steering wheel will work as well, however the bezels will not fit (just fyi).
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