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Advice on Winter Wheel/Tire size

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I live in Northeast Ohio, and the winters here can get pretty nasty. I have a G6 GTP coupe with the 18" wheels. My question is what size winter wheel/tire package should I be looking for? What size wheels will safely fit on my car for the winter months? Can I go as low as 16" wheels?
Thanks for any input!
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Lucky for me I dont deal with any snow... instead I get Blistring heat.....you wont have a problem with 16's the base model comes with 16's and quite a few people run 16's for winter.
I live in cleveland and i got a set goodyear tripple tred for the summer and my winter tires are on my stock 18's they are dunlop signature 225/50/18 tire rack ratted 8.4
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