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So I listened to everyone on here and went with that after market DIC that has the opening for an after market stereo well it was quite expensive but whatever I needed it well as soon as I got it I knew it was made cheaply The whole thing felt like I bought it at the dollar store but I need it so what ever well I put it in and for a year I've had no problems untill tonight....the backlight went out on me! So I can't see a thing at night that's on the screen has anyone encountered this before is there an easy solution? I'm not about to buy another one for $200... Please help! I've went through the menu and found the contrast and brightness and turned them all up but still nothing but I kept turning my car on/off and a tiny bit of brightness came back so I have no clue I'm upset that such an expensive piece of equipment is useless at night :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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