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Just joined the forum, happy to see so much support online :)

Here's where I need help: I just bought a used 2007 G6 yesterday, and it has the stock radio with the Driver information Panel. I want to change my radio deck to an aftermarket one with bells and whistles. ;)

I've read the threads on how you have to get the Metra 95-3302 and Metra 99-3303 if you want to keep the DIC in your car, along with an antenna adapter. But I also keep hearing about how certain users have to go to Pontiac dealership to "unlock" their radio so that their new deck can work with their car. But I'm not sure if this only applies to the factory radios that Pontiac sells only, or just ANY radio, be it a Pontiac factory radio or an aftermarket radio you install.

So my question is, do I HAVE to go to the Pontiac dealership to have the car reprogrammed to make an aftermarket radio work with my car, or does this only apply to Pontiac brand radios that you install?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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