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Aftermarket rear speaker wiring trouble

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08 Gt G6 Monsoon audio system.

I recently blew my right rear tweeter so I decided to replace both speakers with 3 way aftermarket 6x9 kickers. I bought an adapter from best buy that was recommended for my car. After installing the rear speakers I went to simply plug in the adapter to find out it was not the correct one. After researching further I cannot find an adapter that will work with the monsoon amp. For some reason the amp has a positive and negative wire, but also has 2 extra wires that run to the stock tweeters. My aftermarket speakers, like most other speakers, only have a positive and negative port without separate tweeter wires. I cut my factory adapters thinking I could just connect the positive speaker and tweeter wires from the amp, with the speakers positive port and the same with the negatives. But when I connect the wires the speaker seems to be overpowered and shorts out and sputters. If i only connect the tweeters they work fine and if I only connect the bass speaker its fine, but they will not work together.

I've talked to multiple local professionals and they have no suggestions and I cant find anything online. I do not want to pay someone to do this b/c i have already installed them, its just the wiring.
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Hope this helps


your connections are being crossed over by the monsoon amp
thus the set of 4 wires per speaker
and your new speakers are being crossed over in the speaker
so the signal being sent from monsoon amp high-, mid-, and low-range frequencies
have to go to the propper speaker low mid to full range speaker and high to the tweeter
the only solution would be to take the speaker out and connect accordingly
or bypass the monsoon amp all together and get another amp
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