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I'm posting this thread to remind some folks of the rules here. Not following these rules can result in infractions, suspensions or removal of membership (being banned). This site is intended to be helpful to owners of the Pontiac G6 by sharing information. If you feel the information you have may be of use to fellow G6 owners then please post it up. If you need help with your G6 then post your issue and see if anyone out there can help you.
Remember, when you reply to a post keep the OP (original post) in mind, try to avoid arguing with opinions and when possible post links when claiming facts.
In the end the site moderators WILL have the last word when conflicts erupt so pick your battles carefully.

This issue is NOT open for discussion, these are the rules.

Below are some of the guiding rules;(we reserve the right to update these rules at any time for any reason)


Arguing with G6OC staff, moderators or administrators (not tolerated at all.)
(if you feel you are being treated unfairly PM a different moderator or administrator. This site is private and the staff here are upholding the site rules.)Discussing the disciplinary actions of moderators is also NOT allowed.
(Insulting a staff member of G6OC staff is a good way to get banned!)

links in a signature (not allowed.)
(if you want to link a site that has some photos of your G6, “MySpace”, “photobucket, etc… then start a thread and insert the link in the body of the post.)

Advertising a business you are associated with (not allowed.)
(Advertising is not allowed unless you contact G6ownersclub’s administration at http://www.g6ownersclub.com/forum/advertise.php , any post/thread deemed to be advertising without permission will be deleted and the member may be banned from the site.)

Insulting another member (not allowed.)
(We all have our own opinions and experiences about general automotive knowledge and as a way to help others we often share these opinions. Some of us will disagree with these opinions and we may also speak our differences but remember, do so with respect. It often helps to insert a link as a form of fact behind any type of advice. This will not only deter ill feelings but enlighten other members of the G6 Club too. With “respect”, you get what you give.
Also, insulting the site/staff of other web sites is not allowed here on G6OwnersClub. We would like to offer mutual respect to all.)

Inappropriate photographs, avatars or otherwise images (not allowed)
(Use common sense on this one. If you think it might be offensive it probably will be. This will be enforced at the administrators or moderators discretion)]

Post your comments or open new threads in the appropriate section
If you open a thread in the wrong section it my be deleted, for example, open a "FOR SALE" thread in the "FOR SALE" section and follow the rules for that section.

Have a nice day! :)
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