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Amp Location?

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Where have you guys mounted your amp(s) in the trunk? Mounting directly to the seat would have it's benefits (good airflow) because of the way that plastic is designed with those grooves. I don't want to make holes in the seat though...

Mounting to the box is not an option because I want to be able to remove the box if need be and removing speaker wire is much easier than power, ground, etc.

Just looking for some ideas or pictures...

Thanks guys!
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I have a computer fan attached to my amp which is then elevated by some rubber at each corner. It just sits on the trunk floor.
If you had the time and effort, you can make some mounts to mount it upside down under the rear deck.
I like that idea Kevin... is this what you had done? A couple of braces is all it would take I assume. I'll do some measuring today...

I have mine mounted to my Sub box. I like being able to take it all out. I do haul stuff with the seats down so mounted on the seat would be in the way. Also I have a mobile powered sub..
You have a point there. So when you have to remove the box/amp, you just remove the inline fuse at the battery and/or tape up the wires?
I put in a terminal block between my amp wire and amp. 8 gauge wire fits in nicely.

Power - Remote - Ground - leads from one of my rear deck speakers + -
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I really don't want to screw into my backseat. It seems to be the best spot to mount the amp though. Won't the plastic on the backseat warp or melt from the heat of the amp?

I ran my power wire today (PITA). I used an existing grommet just above the hood latch cable. It's a small group of wires that connect near the hood latch. I'm still waiting on my Metra kit to arrive so I can't finish the install until next week. I tried to run my ground to the seat bolt but I need a bigger ring to connect it. I don't want to make any holes in this car!

Mounting to the seat would make it a really clean install. The ground would also be very close at the seat bolt. The only other option I see is to mount to the side or back of my box which I'm not keen on doing either. Decisions, decisions.....
I received my Metra kit a few days ago and finished my install. It was a lot of work for a first timer. Everything went fairly smooth though from removing dash, installing radio/metra, amp, etc. After much thought, I ended up mounting my amp to the back seat. This was a tough decision, I didn't want it on the box and I wanted to save as much space as I could.

I had a lot of trunk rattle so I stuffed some carpet underpad, underneath the plastic guard on the back of the trunk which seemed to take care of most of the rattle. I read others going through great extent to reduce the trunk rattle but I never heard anyone mention that plastic guard piece. It's what causes all the rattle as it rubs/vibrates on the metal on the rear of the trunk. I zip tied the rear seat latch as well which caused _some_ rattle but that was it.

I'm running (2) 10" 300W MTX subs in a nice ported Bassworx box off a Rockford P300-1. The subs receive about 400W RMS from this amp but honestly, I don't think I would want or need more thump. Very happy with the setup...

I will post pics soon in the member section. Cheers!
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The Monsoon amp is mounted on the right side of the car in the trunk behind the carpet. Depending on the size of the amp and whether you have the Monsoon system already, this location might work for you.

~ MattInSoCal
Well this sucks. Why would my lights be dimming with only 400W RMS? I have nothing else running on the electricial system. They don't flicker completely on/off but they do dim noticeably. I assumed I would be ok with 400W :(

It's a kick in the ass because I have a cap I was going to use but now I would need to get more wire and run another ground, find a place for the cap, etc.
I put my amp on the rear deck upside down. I didn't put any spacers/brackets in there to lift if off though. I guess I didn't see it necessary as you wouldn't normally lift the amp off the bottom of ur trunk if you were to mount it on the floor. I put my cap on the backside of the box(box has little lip on the edge just big enough for the cap to mount to. Bought from Ebay). I didn't really have to put any holes in my car besides in the rear deck which will NEVER be noticed by anyone I might sell it too.
I usually mount my amps under the front seat. Power wire and RCAs are expensive. Speaker wire is not.
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