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I've been working on my buddy's 2006 g6 trying to find the source of a crap-load of sensor and network dtcs. I've cleaned and regreased the connectors at the bcm with dielectric grease as well as do some checking of voltages and resistance at a couple points along the bus lines. I'm having a hard time finding the diagrams I need. I know he probably needs a new bcm but I'm really enjoying learning all I am. I found this point (in photo passenger side beside airbag) and would like to know where all those can lines are coming from. Resistance increases from about 7 ohms at the first pair to about 40 iirc at the last, 5th, pair. I'm assume it's a daisy chain of modules from the engine area but really don't know that or anything for sure. I really want to verify the integrity of all the connections before telling him he needs a new bcm. Any insight or diagrams or hints as to what I. Looking at or need to look at are greatly appreciated!

If he does need a new module what would be the least hassle way to purchase a new unit and have it flashed and working? It's does have some chip upgrade installed my the dealer years ago that will probably make reprogramming hard but again, don't know.

Thanks guys for any help or hints. I love this site it's helped me tremendously in the last few weeks!


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