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Sorry folks,

I just feel as I'm going to get ripped off. I sort of keep getting different answers and different payment amounts. I want to use PayPal with MY credit card and it seems the sellers are blocking the use of a credit card for some reason and won't allow me to use it. So I suggested to send the money as a gift and give them the address I *WANT* it shipped to. Its all legit and the cards are in my name. Why is this so god damn hard? But than again if I send as a gift for personal they will probably keep the money and I get screwed. Why can't we simply go on their website to purchase rather than have all these fee's? I don't understand.

Ok soo... How did everyone pay for the GT-R Exhaust? Maybe its just me. I've never dealt with a invoice before. They want me to send some U.S Postal Money Order.

PEOPLE GIVE ME advice. I'm having the same problem with Lampoon but he isn't difficult. He doesn't know what the problem is and I would send the money as a gift to him because he seems very legit and honest but I don't want to get BURNED.

Dillon :cool:

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I sent mine via usps money order. but i remember reading somewhere that they will allow you to pay with paypay as long as you cover the fee. (which is probably why you want to send a gift.) you really dont have to worry about sam and his guys ripping you off. have you talked to them about the " blocking the credit card use?? ive never heard of that. when exactly does paypal tell you that?

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I want to use PayPal with MY credit card and it seems the sellers are blocking the use of a credit card for some reason and won't allow me to use it.
Yeah, about that.

With a basic PayPal account you can accept cash and bank-account funded payments from people for a very small fee. In order to accept credit cards as a payment source, you have to upgrade your account with them. Once you are upgraded there is no going back, and once you are upgraded every single transaction from there on costs you more money in fees to PP, regardless of how the buyer funded it. I'm not a professional seller but I had to upgrade in order to accept a payment from someone, and boy has it cost me; I've actually lost money on some things I was trying to eBay to pay the bills. But I digress.

The GT-R guys not wanting you to use the credit card is a way to avoid having to lose an extra $30 or 40 or whatever to PayPal. I'm sure nobody would like it if they raised their prices by $50 across the board to cover the extra fee, and using an outside credit card processor is also hella expensive.

OK, so maybe more than you wanted to know, but that is the story from a completely independent party.

~ MattInSoCal

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Fix your Paypal account.

I apologize for that being the only way I accept payment.
I will do cash if you want to send/insure it.

I cant do checks or Money Orders. Ive been smoked doing that before
and being a very small business (4 people) it can really hurt.

There is nothing else I can do on my end. Did you try calling Paypal to resolve
the issues you are having with them?
Log into Paypal and hit the Help link on the very upper right side of the page.
There are lots of links to help you there and the lower right will have a "Contact Us"

Make sure your address gets verified so both buyer and seller are protected.
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