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Another Oil Thread

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Hey guys, sorry about creating another thread about the choice of oil. But I could never really find a an answer for my question.

Most people on here are running oil that gives more of a performance edge, like full synthetics and whatnot. However, I'm trying to find the BRAND/WEIGHT of oil that gives me the best increase in fuel economy.

I switched to Mobil 1, and I actually saw a decrease according to the thing on the DIC. I was at 26.4 prior to the change, and am now at 25.1, and I don't think my driving style has changed. I have the 3.5L by the way, it's a G6 base.

So, any opinions on what oil will be the best for increasing economy?

Thanks a bunch.
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I'm not a Mobil fan but I would think that anything that lubricates the the motor "better" would reduce friction and thus improve economy. Mine increased negligibly of maybe ~1 MPG.

You might want to consider doing the MPG manually by resetting miles when you fill up and next fill up see how many gallons you need to fill it up. The DIC has a habit of not being accurate.
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