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Had the security light come while driving down the road. The car started acting like it was missing. Spitting and sputtering. Go into eat at restaurant,and when go to leave it does nothing but dash lights come on.figutrd out it was the anti theft,unhook the battery to reset. This works for one day. Next day it's raining like crazy and on my way home it happens again only this time the lights go off and on as well as the door locks. I pull over reset with battery and start off again . It does this to me 3 times on my way home. A 55 min drive. Now I can't even make it out of the driveway good before it starts up. Also the water resivour has a crack and the car started over heating the same day. Oh and my key remote stop working except for the panic button. Yes I replaced the battery. I bought the car about 2 months ago. The circuit board for the remote looks undamaged..can I bypass the anti theft permently? Thanks for any help.
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