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I Have a 2006 G6 V6... Canadian Car, which has Automatic Air Bag Recognition, Meaning if there is weight detected on the passenger seat The air bag switches on and the seatbelt warning light will come on and beep until that person puts on thier seatbelt. For the past 6 months that has been acting up, If there is no one on the seat it may still think there is and the seatbelt light and airbag on light will come on. There has also been a funny smell coming from the heater kinda like rotten eggs... Leading me to believe that maybe the Battery is overheating because thats what it smells like, Sulfuric acid. (Although the Battery light has never come on). Lately something much scarier has been happening, "Service AirBag" is coming up on the DIC. Today I had a few strange occurances, And to be honest i dont know what to think. Theres a fairly whimpy beeping sound the car makes when you lock the doors, The car will make that whimpy beep sound 3 times and then proceed to honk the horn for 2 to 3 minutes. The Key fob stopped working (Battery is good I put it in the remote for another car and it worked fine) and "Power Steering" Is coming up on the DIC.

So Inshort, over the past 6 months I have:

- Been Smelling Rotten Egg Smell (Like Overheating Battery w/o Battery Light)
- AirBag thinks theres someone on the passenger seat but theres not
- Time on the DIC resets to 12:00am occasionally
- "Service Airbag" Displays occasionally
- Car is honking Hork unannounced for 3 minutes at a time
- "Power Steering" displayed on DIC
- Key Fob has stopped working (Again!)

I had my Key fob and Car serviced by the Local GM dealer because the programming in the Key Fob had stopped working properly Lock would Unlock and Trunk worked .. No Other Keys worked properly

someone please help!!! Im afraid something bad is gonna happen... I dont wanna lose power steering or have an airbag in my face...

btw. It probably has nothing to do with it but since march i have had aftermarket Nokia 80w Artic White h11's in my Headlamps
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