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Was it the GXP Sedan at West one????

I'm originallly from K-town. Its home for me and my boyfriend. We are currently living in Florence. There aren't very many users in oregon so no meets yet. Join g6performance.com . its a lot more active on there. My User name is Jbozgoz1 There is a few of us in the pacific north west on there. I will be in K-town this next week if you wanna meet up. I'll have my 6 with me when I'm down there.

Its so nice to see someone else from oregon on here.

what color is your car??? Any mods planned??

And you said a mastiff puppy huh??? How old? My boyfriend and I plan on getting a mastiff puppy here in the near future.

Enjoy your car! Stay in touch.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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