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Anyone know the VIN/whereabouts of the FINAL Pontiac - a G6 Manufactured in January, 2010?

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Hello All,

I'm new here, and usually hang out over at the Solstice forums, but I've always been fascinated with the "last one" of things.... and our Pontiac brand is no exception....

But... I've noticed something strange regarding the FINAL Pontiac, and someone suggested I post my question over here.

Pontiac history buffs will (might?) remember when they announced that the last Pontiacs were rolling off the assembly line for the last time.

Here's a quick timeline from 13 years ago:

NOVEMBER, 2009: The final American G6's came off the Orion Assembly line. (Here's an article about that happening from this website): Report: Pontiac Reaches its Inglorious End As Last...

DECEMBER, 2009: The final Pontiacs ever (Wave/G3's) rolled off the San Luis Potosi, Mexico assembly line.

And that was that...................

Until.... I saw something on the General Motors U.S. Passenger Production page for the month of January, 2010:

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See the "1" listed under ORION > PONTIAC G6 > 2010 CYTD THRU JAN 2010? This means that there was one single Pontiac G6 manufactured in January, 2010 WELL AFTER the November, 2009 G6's (and the other December, 2009 Pontiacs) were made! Also, this was the ONLY 2010 Pontiac (of ANY model) actually manufactured in 2010!

(Just a side note, for those wondering where the above graphic came from.... "OLD" General Motors actually posted both these production charts, as well as the monthly sales by vehicle model, at the end of each month on their own website. Anyone could look these up on the old GM website.)

Anywho, over on the Pontiac Solstice forums, someone actually made a listing of all 1,266 Pontiac Solstice coupes..... colors, VINs, transmissions, etc. (Note, they only did this for the coupes since so little of them were built....) Regarding the Solstice CONVERTIBLES, there were over 64,000 Pontiac Solstice convertibles built.... so no one was taking on that challenge, but I thought if they could get VINs for all the 1,266 coupes manufactured.... I wonder if there was a way to get the VIN of the very last Pontiac.

What I know so far:

  • It's a G6
  • The Orion plan turned on the assembly line for this one final Pontiac in January, 2010 (I know... probably just sequenced it in)
  • I have no idea why they did this, except perhaps they wanted the nameplate to have its final vehicle manufactured in the US? Remember, before this, the last Pontiacs were manufactured in Mexico, and Pontiac ending sent shockwaves through the industry/collectors/customers. People were not happy to be losing Pontiac. Still aren't.

LASTLY - One final tidbit in regards to this.... Back in January, 2015, I sent an email that ended up in the hands of the Orion plant's communications manager, who stated back to me, "Unfortunately, for proprietary reasons I am not able to explain why there was one Pontiac G6 produced at Orion in 2010. I am sorry I can't help further."

On another email He was quite nice, and seemed intrigued how I had the above information.... (maybe he forgot that GM regularly posted this info monthly?) He responded, "Yes you are correct that I am not confirming anything, just acknowledging the production sheet you have somehow obtained. Sounds like you understand my position well."

Almost like he wasn't able/willing to speak about that G6, and having me "read between the lines".... this only intrigued me further.

So.... that's it. If you've hung on this far and read this manifesto that I've been wanting to type up on a Pontiac forum for years, and now only had the chance.... thank you!

So #2: Does anyone here know about/have heard anything about this G6? Is there a way to look up a VIN of a single G6 manufactured back in January, 2010? Is it sitting in Aunt Mamie's garage?
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