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Hi all, I am having an issue with my 2007 G6 GT with 111K. I've owned this car for almost 3 years and haven't had any issues until now. I was driving home from work one day when my CEL came on. Got home, pulled the codes P0705 (Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction) and P0700 (caused by P0705 I assume).

My car runs and drives fine. One of the most notable issues is when I put the car in drive, the doors don't lock like they're supposed to. Also, when I put it in park, they don't unlock. If I clear the code, the doors work the way they should until the code comes back. After clearing the code, if I drive about 5 miles, the traction light will come on, followed by the engine light after a few more miles.

I replaced the neutral safety switch with the factory ACDelco part, and also bought the tool to properly align the sensor. It was installed correctly, while in neutral gear. The replacement made no difference, and it wasn't until this point that I realized that I had no reverse lights either.

So, all in all, I have a traction light that I am assuming is being caused by this P0705 code, and also no reverse lights. My main reason for posting is to see if anyone here may have some suggestions or possibly has ever seen this issue.
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