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AUG Lens Painter Tail Light Tint

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I bought this smoke lens painter at a local shop today and figured I would give it shot. Has any one tried this product or have any suggestions on how to apply it? All of the instructions are in Japanese. The can is 80ml. is that enough for both tail lights or should I pick up another can?

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OMG!!! I CANT READ IT!!! LOL. It should be enough to do three coats on both tail lights!!! Let me know how you like it.
I am planning on doing them next weekend. I'll post some pics when they are done. I've been looking around and I have found alot of people who have used niteshade which I assume is similar. Looks like most of them sanded there lights first. What type of sand paper should I use? And I want to leave the reverse lights clear. Should I sand them as well before I mask them off or just leave them alone?
Dont sand what you dont paint.....do you have anything you can try that on first?
I dunno.....I'd be careful.
Double post FTW!!!
I just found this.... PDF instructions

Doesnt say to sand.


When painting, several light coats will result in a better finish then one thick coat. This also helps prevent drips.
I was going to clear coat the whole thing at the end thats why I was thinking about sanding the reverse lights too but that link you sent is the first thing I have seen for that actual product so I might just not sand. Do you think I should clear coat it at the end or skip that too?
I vote clearcoat. It will help protect it.
yup def clear coat it that will protect from any bugs or anything else that might want to chip it you prob want to take the tail lights off your car when your painting them also to protect from overspray.
Yea I think I'm gonna bring them in the house. Maybe even tape off the shower and use it as a paint room to avoid dust.
I put some stuff like that on my car back in the day. I did a few coats, never sanded, and didn't clear coat it either. Turned out pretty well.
Yea I think I'm gonna bring them in the house. Maybe even tape off the shower and use it as a paint room to avoid dust.
Your using your shower as a paint booth????

WTF lol dont you have a garage???

Paint them in there and then when your done set them in a cardboard box. You would have to tape off your whole bathroom to do that?! I can see it now. "hey honey you like the tinted mirror???" lol
My garage is way to dusty last time I tried to paint something in there it was a nightmare.
you dont clean your garage very often then ever think bout taking a old sheet and putting it over your work area and laying a box down and painting them on that and then when your done just put a big box over both tail lights after each coat?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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