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Auto Windows/Sunroof

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess it would sorta be a security feature :p

I always thought it would be sweet to have the windows and sunroof close automatically once I'm out of the car and hit the lock button on the keyfob. Has anyone done anything like this? I'm wondering if they sell a module for it or something. I'm generally not allowed to mess with electrical hardware (it usually ends badly), so if it's not an easy solution I'd look into having it done professionally.
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That would be nice.. I think I saw a write up on how to do it on a diff forum.. I'll search around... Our Benz does something of that sort... hold down the unlock button and all windows and the sunroof open, hold down lock button and all windows and sunroof close... anyway I'll try to get that info
The important thing with your Benz operation is that it requires you to hold down on a switch as the windows all close, this way you are in control and can stop them if you need to by releasing switch. Just automatically closing without having a very elaborate "pinch protect" system is not legal.
The Audi A4's used to go up automatically.. When I was younger almost got my fingers snapped off in my friend's dads car.
If you have an aftermarket alarm you can get a 520T from directed that will allow you to have autowindows up for your car. The only thing with the two door is it is not recomended to install. I don't know why? The 520T does have programable switches that makes the window stop going up if it hits enough resistance.
i have this installed on my 01 civic and i havent had any problems whatsoever...

theres a lil sensor on the lower left of the windshield that detects rain and closes em up and when i hit the lock button once the windows go up .. hit it twice and my sunroof closes...

then my extra buttons on my keyfob allow me to open the sunroof or windows from the keyfob...

alot of people that see me do it are like thats cool ... plus i dont ever have to worry about the rain or anything ... i can just let my car close its own windows..

the only gripe ive had about the whole thing is every once in a blue moon that when im at the carwash my windows roll down ... ive had the water sensor replaced and it stopped doing it..

its well worth it i think
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