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i have this installed on my 01 civic and i havent had any problems whatsoever...

theres a lil sensor on the lower left of the windshield that detects rain and closes em up and when i hit the lock button once the windows go up .. hit it twice and my sunroof closes...

then my extra buttons on my keyfob allow me to open the sunroof or windows from the keyfob...

alot of people that see me do it are like thats cool ... plus i dont ever have to worry about the rain or anything ... i can just let my car close its own windows..

the only gripe ive had about the whole thing is every once in a blue moon that when im at the carwash my windows roll down ... ive had the water sensor replaced and it stopped doing it..

its well worth it i think
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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