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Ok, I'm back from vacation and the wheels are turning on the stereo system for the G6. This is my teaser. :) Work won't begin for a few weeks at least and won't be finished for some time after; hopefully before the car shows start up this summer. (As long as I don't deploy)

I've decided I don't need/want the information the DIC provides. So that's out. I contemplated for some time on keeping the factory HU, mostly for cosmetic reasons, but have decided not to. I like the double dins, but most of them do not give the processing power I want and would cause me to have to get external processing at an even greater expense. So, that too will not be happening.

I'm going with a single din stereo (model undecided) along with some processing power (two half din processors (secret)) to fill the double din space.

I can't plan much for the front speakers until I get a door apart to see what I'm working with on the inside. I'm trying to keep as much of a factory look as possible, so things will be as hidden as I can make them.

My sub section of the system will not be typical. I'll leave it at that. ;)

I haven't decided yet where I'm going to put amps, but wherever it is, they need to be out of the way and "fit."

The car is surprisingly quiet. However, I will be adding a good amount of deadening anyway.

So there you have it. The teaser to my system build. I'll pop in and give random updates until I start the work, then I'll be including pics also.
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