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Battery drain with monsoon amp

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Hi recently purchased an 05 G6 everything is great besides the radio which was disconnected by the previous owner.

I hooked it all back up and using my multi meter see that there is a 1.9 amp draw with the trunk amp fuse #13 plugged in. 15ma draw unplugged.

It's unplugged right now so I can drive to work but since the speakers go through the amp I have no tunes!

Wondering if this is a common problem and if it would be more likely the amp or wiring to the radio/the radio itself
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You may want to check out this thread battery keeps draining alternator shows ~30volts as there is a lot of good info on tracing a parasitic draw. Not least the comment to wait until the electronics have truly shut down. Power looks to be constantly supplied to the Monsoon amp with startup and shutdown commanded from the GM-LAN. I would say it is worth measuring again once you have allowed for a shutdown period.
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