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Hello All ok let me go ahead and get this out of the way from the Git-Go. I will Always be on my Mobile phone and I am Most ALWAYS in a Rush to go get something Or someone, or Cleaning this and that......etc. And I'm Definitely NOT here to win an English Grammar Contest......(please forgive Potty mouth) So All You Grammr Nazi's out there can Suck It!! Whewwww.......now that's out of the way......PLEASE can Anyone Help me with the Actual correct answer to my plight.....cause I have Googled it til my Thumbs are sore! And each time I get a different answer and I'm tired of going around me Elbow to get to My Butt!! It's Christmas Shopping Season so Funds for Car Problems are next to Zero! I've did a little research on the Quality part on Car Batteries and found out Walmart's Ever Start brand is Top Notch in the Cheap But Good Category. So I'm going to be choosing one of them but as far as CCA and which Group I'm getting ton's of conflicting answers!! I know I need top post and I was thinking of purchasing an Ever Start Battery it's around $59.99 and they've got several at this Price. I KNOW CCA is very important so I know I'll need one over 600 CCA. And my Group has mostly to do with getting Battery to fit in the spot old one came out of.......Soooo any last minute......Hey Lady you can't do that......or It Has to be this.....or this kind Only? And Please if I'm wrong on the CCA 600 thing or the Group thing.....Please feel free to steer me in the right direction. 😉😁😃
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