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battery issue

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I got a question. My negative battery terminal is pressed up against my CAI metal clamp. Should i be worried about that? Nothing unusaul has happened yet. But i just being carefull.
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WHAT???? How in the world is it doing that??
I dont know how but it is. Maybe its because my g6 is 3.9L and not a 3.5L like the directions show. Anybody out there with this problem?
You lost me. Your pipe should not have a clamp over there.
I got the clamp on the CAI. Its pushing up against the battery terminal. I'll take a pic of it when i get a chance to show you.
Ok....I think I figured it out. Your not talking stock. What did you buy?
Is your battery cover off?
i installed the K&N typhoon CAI this weekend. And my battery cover is off. The cover wont fit anymore. Ill take a pic when i get a chance.
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