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I bought my car in Sept of 2005. I ordered it.
I also modded it from the get go. It now have ~127,000 miles on it.

Its not broken. Its trouble free....although Im gonna need some more tires here before long
but that is normal wear and tear.

Cars break. If a manufacturer put the BEST parts in a car from the get go then you would have a Ferrari GTO. The cost would also reflect it.

Most mods are upgrades. Your right they arnt worth allot for resale but most demod
before selling and recoupe quite a bit.

Its all about fun with a bit more performance.
No one is calling the G6 a Musclecar.

Also....if you wish to bash the G6 because you had a problem then I understand that but understand this....This forum is for enthusiasts and you will receive some bashing yourself as we love these cars.

Your tired of the Chip hate? Oh well....what did you expect? its a scam that can retard your system via burst mode. Dont like hearing that? Wanna ignore reviews then bash on modders? Good luck with your Scion TC.

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
Not open for further replies.