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Be warned

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not saying anything bad about putting performance parts on your car... but putting on to much and things will start breaking, I HAD, K&N CAI, Magna flow exshast (can't spell that), resignator removed, Jet chips tunning mod, racing line performance strut tower brace & grounding kit, and gutted my car...
this is what happened....
the motor couldn't take all the stress and i blew out my throttle body, (replaced it for $350) and the strut bar was messing up my power steering cause you have to modify the ground wire for the power steering, so i took off the strut bar and jet chip and now the car runs great (after i replaced the TB)
point is the motor just cant take that kind of stress and things will stop working so you can go ahead and mod your car just dont take it to far. i still got the K&N, magna flow, and grounding kit and the car runs great!!!
(yes i know i should have got the WAMS tune but it's too late so i dont want everybody to say it OVER & OVER)
BTW i got a 2006 LX9 G6.
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you are right that there are 2 sides to the story. however you seem to be confused on what they are. Mod your car properly, dont take short cuts, and dont buy the cheapest thing you can and you wont have a problem. once you start cutting corners, cheaping out or just doing things wrong, you are going to have a problem.

when you do performance mods, its best to have your car tuned to run at its best with the new mods. it will run better and thats less chance of things going wrong

most people arent going to keep a car until they die, however modding is a hobby just like playing an instrument or playing sports is. its something you do for fun, no matter what other people think.

people respect other peoples opinions, but you dont call people idiots because they dont agree with your opinions.

no sure what the point of joining this site was, if all your going to do is bash our car, a car that you own.

But have fun with the tc. if you cant do small mods like an exhaust and intake properly, good luck with the turbo setup. btw just because a car doesnt have a turbo kit, doesnt mean you cant turbo a car. Hell, if i wanted to i could turbo my G6.

Hopefully you get that tc soon, thats less time we have to spend listening to you force your opinions on us
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