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Blade's Ride

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"A work in progress"....Lemme know what ya think...Nice to meet ya all.

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nice 6. any new plans?? and those scoops are sick. are the added or did u special order a hood?? whered ya get em??
Lots of Plans...Too little cash...lol.

I'm definitely removing the factory badges when i find the time...I have a 6 year-old disabled daughter and most of my cash and time goes toward her, but a poorboy hasta start somewhere huh?

The scoops are just aftermarket LUND Ram-Airs for trucks..I found a set that were close to the hood contours and heated them to finish a few bends here and there.

Thanks for the compliment man and nice to meet you my friend.
nice color on the car! Im diggin the scoop style too. Only thing is the scoop's paint is not as glossy as your car, looks a little off. But yeh definitely fond of that color on a car, whats the paint color name?
The color is Stealth Grey Metallic....I haven't had time to fine sand and buff out the scoops yet but I'll eventually get too it..lol....Thanks and nice to meet ya bro.
Definitely one of my favorite colors, very nice ride.
Wheels look good. What are those things on the hood up front?
Is that suppossed to replicate hoodpins?
looks pretty good.... i like the color too
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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