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Hey guys,

my girlfriend recently got into an accident on our wonderful michigan roads, and we believe her jeep is totalled.

So now on to the fun of trying to find her another vehicle.
We are looking at Bonnevilles (of course), Grand Prixs, and G6's at the moment (she really wants a g6)

But, we have a few questions.

Are there any common problems that occur with these cars?
I have read about the intermediate shaft clunking (Some bonnies and Grand prixs have the same problem).

Are there any problems with the UIM or LIM or gaskets (the bane of the 3800 3400 and 3100's existence)

Do you guys have a list of what to look for when looking at a car in person?

Thanks guys.

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The steering issue seems to be the largest complaint. You'll find we all have our little peeves about the G6 but we also have peeves about our other cars too. If your buying the G6 new get the extended warrenty, if your buying it used try to buy from a dealership that offers an extended warrenty. If I were to go out right now and look for a new car within my budget I would consider the G6 GTP. The only real peeve I have with the G6 is the factory tires, they suck water mellons!
Using good judgement on maintenance and modifications the G6 should be a nice car for your wife. My wife drives the 07 G6 GT and she tells me quite a bit that she really likes her car. (To her it seems to clean itself and has the automatic up-keep feature too :D ) Its quit sponkey and handle nicely too. As for as modifying it you would do better to ask other G6 owners, I like my cars with little or no mods to them.

Good luck and let us know what yo do!!
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