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Boot cover

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I need the boot cover for my 2007
Pontiac G6 convertible Have searched all used car lots locally Item discontinued Bought other parts but still need boot cover EBay is very expensive Top can not be fixed without this part
Mary Morris
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What part exactly are you calling a "boot cover"? Can you post a picture?
I'm assuming she's referring to items like this one:
Yes, they're expensive from the used parts eBay vendors that have discovered that G6 convertible parts are increasingly scarce and owners are increasingly desperate and therefore more likely to pony up for them. For 10+ year old orphaned cars that have little to no manufacturer support anymore, options are limited. (For what it's worth, G8 and Solstice owners are no better off.) I plan to keep my car as long as I can, but it's getting harder and my car isn't my "daily driver". Good luck. - Mark
It's possible, but some refer to the roll-up shade in the trunk as a boot cover also. What puzzles me is the statement that "top cannot be fixed without this part". The top works fine without it.
I always stress that people need to be clear, complete and unambiguous. If they want correct answers.
Point taken. Just for grins, I checked eBay for the trunk roll-up shades and found several of those listed too (with prices in the $70+ and up range). Wish I could find an affordable parts car near me. - Mark
Wish I could find an affordable parts car near me. - Mark

there is a 2006 coming up in Alberta early next week if anyone is interested.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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