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Brake boost line?

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Hey guys...I need a little help. I need to find out where the brake boost line is. Im going to be seafoaming my car tomorrow, but dont know where the line is. Can someone take a quick pic of the line and where your supposed to pour the seafoam in? Id really appreciate it.

God...I feel dumb...I dont even know where the brake boost line is... :eek:

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first off, I would never pour seafoam through the fuel system in a G6, but being your bypassing the fuel system you should be ok. I'd use techtron. Not sure on the boost line, I'm sure on mine its plainly visible. larger black hose coming off of it.
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So I would have to unplug the side thats off the brake booster and poor it from that end....right?? This way it would go through the Intake manny and clean the valves and junk. Sorry Im new to this stuff...

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