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Brake Lights & Blinkers ????????????

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HELP!!! I HAVE A 2006 G6 AND 2 FIX IT TICKETS FOR MY BRAKE LIGHTS AND REAR BLINKERS NOT WORKING. THE RUNNING LIGHTS WORK, THE BAR LIGHT IN THE MIDDLE WORKS, REVERSE LIGHTS WORK, THE FRONT BLINKERS WORK TOO! Other than going to pontiac does anyone have experience with this problem???? is it a fuse or a bulb or worse
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same issue to an extent

I have the same issue to an extent I have the non working tail lights with the 3rd working but I also have no right side turn signal but it flashes inside and my left side hyper flashes inside I tried di elec grease on the bcm connector that didn't work but Ive also been told to check the y splitter for the rear end for the electrical has anyone had any success with this I checked voltage with a multimeter for voltage at the pass. side blinker and had no voltage all fuses, bulbs, relays check out I want to try all options before going too the stealership due to my vin number not being listed under any recalls any help would be very much appreciated thanks in advanced
I did end up getting mine figured out with the help of another member found on bulbe with a bad filament and the other bulb was wrong color and bulb number
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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