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About 8,000 miles ago I got new front and back pads on my car and new rotors on the front. I did this at the dealership bc we actually have a pretty good relationship with them. Recently I was getting vibration. I took my car back since they're the ones that did the work and I thought maybe I needed the rear rotors after all. No. The front rotors had already warped! What?! So they replaced them for free. I do not understand how that could have happened so quickly. I had them put on all the best AC Delco parts they had... I suppose what came on the car. Whatever was considered the best.
The mechanic working on my car said that he thinks the rotors must have been damaged or dropped before being put on my car and they must have already had a hot spot.... and that changing them out should make it all better.

Well, the vibration is gone, but lately after driving around some my brakes have been grinding. the thing is it only happens a couple times and I can't seem to recreate it. And it's not when I'm pulling out of my driveway after the rain or something like that.... I know brakes can grind then. So what would make this PERIODICALLY happen? what would cause 'em to grind at all? What should I do? I'm calling the dealership tomorrow, but I'm really tired of going back and forth bc they are definitely not convenient.

Also, about the transmission.... I have the V6 w/ the Manual option. It's likely that I, myself, have caused problems bc I have been in M before and not realized it. But anyway.... what happens is that say I'm going 40 mph and I have to let off the gas without braking, then I reapply the gas (I suppose quickly)... the transmission seems to skip or hesitate. Also around 8,000 miles ago or less I had the transmission area cleaned because I was told it was something blocking the censor... like dirt and something about the air-intake or out-take and the censor timing being off. It made sense and everything got better. but then the problem came back. I took it to the dealership again and they ran updates. they could never simulate the problem and i haven't had it happen since. The thing is, before I dropped it off I was driving there and got on the Interstate and was really able to gun it on my car and I hadn't done that in a while. When I did it, it seemed like the transmission did it's biggest "thinking" slow move hiccup thing that it had ever done. But also I was going fast and my music was loud. I kind of feel like maybe there was debris and it blew it out and solved the problem? What do you all think? And if that is the case... why is so much debris getting in there and what can i do about it???

sorry I wrote so much. btw I live in Nashville. I have a lot of city driving and rush-hour Interstate driving. People here are IDIOTS.

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