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Burgundy Caliper Paint?

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I am looking into painting my brake calipers a burgandy color to match my car. I have a 2005 G6 and it's the GM burgundy color. I think they call it a Sport Metalic red. I don't really want to mix colors because I don't know what I'm doing. I was wondering if any of you knew where I could get this color paint. I would like to brush it on, and not spray. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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I only did a quick google, but your only options would be to get a pint can for brushing ($44) or a 12oz spray can ($15-20). I sprayed my calipers and they look as good as brushing. Just make sure you take the calipers off and clean them right.



Here is your color code:
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Thank you so much.

I was really looking for the color code, which you provided! I may try Auto Zone or Advance Auto and see if I can special order that color caliper kit.

What all do I need? Would Carbeurator Cleaner work to clean off the caliper? Or do I need to buy some special cleaner. And I think I can only take half of my caliper off, I'm not to specialized with cars, so I think if I attempted to take the entire caliper off, I would brake something. That's why I was thinking about brush on paint.

Thanks again!
I used paint thinner and a wire brush, but I would think any tough would work. Just make sure it won't damage the metal.
I sprayed mine without taking the "other part" of the caliper off.....just coverd the rotor and everything else with plastic.
Sweet, I will probably do that.

Are there any other colors that you guys would suggest? I'm thinking that matching the car color would look the best, but do you think anything else would look better? Maybe white... or silver, or even yellow might look good? I don't want black, that's not noticeable, I want something that pops, but isn't too flashy. I have black rims.
Matching your car color would look nice. The metallic red isn't too saturated, but noticeable.
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