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I'm buying a 2008 G6 GT 4dr sedan with 3.5L v6 this Friday, the car has 93,000 miles on it and I'm buying for $3400USD. One owner and the guy has every service receipt and never been in an accident. Good buy?? How much longer do you think this will last me if I keep up on good maintenance? Also any extra tips are appreciate as this will be my first Pontiac. Thanks!
My 2006 has 208,000 miles on it v6 run fine
The 3.5 is a good engine, though well known for overheating. It's design never stood a chance, but if well maintained, you'll never question it's integrity. I own two G6s with the 3.5 and I've the same problem in both, so please pay attention! The seal for the oil pan wears out, resulting in a painfully slow oil leak. It's not an incredibly hard replacement, and can/will save yourself some grief in the future!!!
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